Slow Motion Criminal Club

by Adam Melchor


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This extended play is a group of 4 songs that were recorded live over the summer of 2013. I had the opportunity to record these with some of my best friends and some of the best musicians I know over the summer and I can't thank them enough. We had two weeks of practice and one day of live tracking to get this down. They are truly amazing. They really brought the songs to life. 

A little bit about the songs. "Slip Right Off" is actually the second song I ever wrote. I was wearing Vans Slip Ons alot, so I decided to make a song revolving around the idea of them slipping off. 

"Bugout" is about an unsuspecting turn in a love story and a character's observation of his own mistakes. 

"Mailman Blues" is a song I wrote while in one of my philosophy classes. It is from the perspective of a Mailman retelling his story about an affair he had. 

"Two Week Disease" is a song about a relationship with someone that the character wishes could go further. 

The idea of Slow Motion Criminal Club in relation to these songs revolves around the idea of all the characters in these songs being friends, throwing around stories over a couple of drinks. Slow Motion Criminal is someone who does something to themselves over a period of time that could be harmful, but as a true criminal, they are never to sorry about it. It could be seen as someone who makes mistakes, but doesn't regret them, because it is about the experience in life we can all learn from.

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